Works on paper available.

(For works on canvas/linen please visit

Prices as listed – range from £60-90+P+P

Make an enquiry here:

‘with sunset violets, with livid faces, with hunger and blows in the corners’, Oil on250gsm paper, unframed, 23 x 39cm, £90 plus P + P
‘Skull Folly’, Oil on 250gsm paper, 28 x 28cm, unframed, £90 plus P + P
‘Emergence’, Acrylic on 250gsm paper, 36 x 25cm, unframed, £80 plus P + P
‘The supposition of her existence’ , Water based oils on 250gsm paper, unframed, 19 x 28cm, £80 plus P + P
‘an imbecile for having kissed time’, Oil on 250gsm paper, unframed, 17 x 23cm, £75 plus P + P
‘crisped by the moon, folded like hands in prayer’, Oil on250gsm paper, unframed, 24 x 30cm, £60 plus P + P
‘Invisible direction’, Water based oils on 250gsm paper, 17 x 17cm, £60 plus P + P

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