Jackson’s Painting Prize 2022

I am thrilled to announce that I have been shortlisted for the Jackson’s Painting Prize 2022! The 8th annual painting competition, supported by Jackson’s Art Supplies, encourages artists of all ages and abilities to submit their work for the chance to win £11,000 in prizes.

‘Figure With A Sparkler’ was shortlisted out of 8949 entries by a panel of six expert judges, all leading figures in the art community.

This year’s panel consisted of  Curtis Holder (Artist), Marcelle Hanselaar (Artist, Painter and Printmaker), Miranda Boulton (Artist & winner of Jackson’s Painting Prize 2021, Claudia Kennaugh (Art Advisor), Shanti Panchal (Artist), Jennifer Conner (Regional Managing Director, Affordable Art Fair, and Art Advisor, After Nyne Contemporary).

‘My painting stems from an awareness of my femininity and the history of representation of women in art since ancient history. My background in Classics informs my work, which is rich in Classical allusion. My paintings portray women but not in the sense of portraiture so much as avatars of particular mental states or emotions, set in imagined places or landscapes of the mind. My recent work explores my mental illness after the birth of my children.’

A note from Gary Thompson, Director of Jackson’s Art Supplies: “Jackson’s Painting Prize is an excellent opportunity for artists to share their talents with the rest of the world.”.

Website: jacksonsart.com/paintingprize

Instagram: @jacksons_painting_prize

Facebook: facebook.com/JacksonsArt

Blog: jacksonsart.com/blog/

Further enquiries: jpp@jacksonsart.co.uk

View the entire shortlist here.

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