‘Painting of the day’: Invisible direction

Invisible direction, Oil on canvas, 50 x 50cm, 2020 by Lucy Cade

My painting ‘Invisible direction’ has been selected by the artist led group ‘Contemporary British Painting’ (also known as CBP) as their ‘Painting of the day’, today 2nd February 2021 on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/paintbritain/!

CBP is an artist led organisation which explores and promotes current trends in British painting through group exhibitions, talks, publications, and by placing paintings in art museums. The members’ selection panel represent some of the most exciting emerging and award winning painting in the UK today and include John Moores Prize winners Paula MacArthur, Nicholas Middleton and Mandy Payne, Jonathan Vickers Award winner Natalie Dowse, British Academy awardee James Quin, Griffin Prize exhibitor Matthew Krishanu, Venice Biennale exhibitor Phil Illingworth, and Joanna Whittle, winner of the Valeria Sykes Award at the New Light Prize.

This comes as a real #thumbs up to my work, so I am very pleased – thank you CBP!

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